Erich Peters

Hello, my name is Erich Peters.

I am a Media Integration Specialist.


What is a Media Integration Specialist?

A Media Integration Specialist bridges the gap between creative, technical, sales, and operational departments to successfully understand and realize a client's vision. 

A Media Integration Specialist will also ...

  • Engage directly with clients to conceptualize their visions using cross platform technologies. 

  • Integrate video and presentation technologies with interactive and display systems in new and unique ways.

  • Design custom experiences to visualize live data feeds from a variety of sources.

  • Create custom pixel maps, specification guides, and render compositions for content creators.

  • Manage the collection and version control of playback asset libraries.


How may I help you?


For over 25 years I have developed creative solutions for unique and challenging projects. I look forward to speaking with you about your's.

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